- Remedies for Eczema - How I took a holistic eczema treatment approach

Date: October 26, 2016

This is a story written by a real former exzema (ex-eczema) sufferer. If you want to read a personal first-hand account of my story and natural remedies for eczema read on:

My name is John and more than a year ago in early October of 2008, I had horrible eczema with skin rashes scattered throughout my body -- neck, stomach, chest, feet, legs, thigh, and arms (not to mention I'm also have food allergies and am an asthma sufferer as well).

My itchy skin was irritating and annoying to the point that I nearly started to bleed. I even used cloth to scratch my skin. Certain days after I came home from work, I would just rest in bed doing nothing in hopes that it would go away. I was also afraid to seek a doctor, thinking they would just give me steroid ointment cream to make it worse. In fact, as a kid I had the same problem with those creams not helping solve the problem, but merely provided temporary relief from it. (Note: in your unique case, do consider seeing a dermatologist, if your symptoms are severe).
Anyways, for a couple of months, I was focused on finding effective long-term solutions. After experimenting with various treatments and supplements, my eczema flame started to find relief for the long-term. Even better, my skin is now fine and clear! Even with the cold weather, my skin did not flare up.

The Path To Recovery
Like you, I first started my research by searching the web for an eczema treatment plan and remedies for eczema. I stumbled upon many skin care products and website. Let me share with you with the products and treatments I have unsuccessfully tried in the past:

My eczema symptom spread all over my body and most of the skin cream products ran out within a day or two. I thought that within a month or two, I would see healing results.  However that never came and at that point it was too late to get a refund. From surfing other websites, I also bought various itch-free soaps, non-organic Shea butter cream, and Dead Sea Salt Scrubs. Personally, those products only provided me with temporarily relief, which did allow me to sleep well for the night. Now, I'm not here to say all those products won't work for you. You can research them more on Google if you like. Nevertheless, in all I have spent over $500+ dollars and had to refund some of the products for ones I could.
Further, I did not just focus on what type of lotion/cream to apply to my body, but I also took care of supplementary diets and products as well:

Did all of those methods work? Yes, all those factors do play a part and I did notice an improvement on my skin within a week. However, once I started eating eggs and got exposed to cold weather, my eczema flare came back and I was scratching hard again. In the end, it was a combination of three main natural products I ordered that provided the magic -- third time the charm, as they say.
None of which are based on doctor-prescribed steroid cream, ointment or body lotion.

Treatment for Eczema
Dead Sea mudsoap (for the external)
I use it whenever I take a shower and still use it today for its benefits to improve the circulation. In addition, I also still use the shower filtration system by Aquasana, but that's optional for you.

Skin Dr (for the internal)
My chest was looking like a tiger - and I was too ashamed to even look at my chest in the mirror for long, hoping eventually my rashes would go away. Taking the Skin Dr allowed me to see drastic results within a week or two. The good part is once I saw results, I no longer need to take Skin Dr anymore. Skin Dr is one of the many natural remedies for eczema.

DermCare System (for the maintenance)
A package that comes with an all-natural cleanser and a lotion designed for hypersenstive skin. Since my skin was very sensitive to soap, I applied the DermCare cleanser onto my body first and then rinse my body with warm water prior to taking a shower. During shower, I use the Dead Sea Mud Soap and after I'm done I apply the DermCare lotion for long-term relief.

Thus, these three merchants are the best combinations I've tried to address my symptoms and roots causes on how to treat eczema:

1) Dead Sea Mud Soap and/or Pure Dead Sea Mud by Cleopatra's Choice
2) Skin Dr by NativeRemedies®
3) DermCare System by ZenMed®

What about all those previous treatments I’ve tried? I'm sure they all played a factor in treatment for my eczema. However, in terms of relatively quick visible results and long-term prevention, these three aforementioned products provided me with the most significant results from my experience.

These 3 products can work together to aid in the treatment of your Eczema skin disorder from the inside out.

Internal: Skin Dr. (it's not a pill, but a tiny tablet that dissolves in your mouth).
External: Dead Sea Mud Soap (use for during shower or bath)
Maintenance: DermCare System (use for daily skin care before and after taking a shower)

These products are natural and use Mother Earth to treat Eczema. I refer to them as the '3 Gems for Eczema' for natural remedies for eczema and endorse those trusted merchants knowing that they provide quality products and services.

My skin no longer feels itchy nor do I even scratch myself hard as I used to. I can even eat what I want now! I can also handle any type of weather from being sleeveless in summer and finally being able to go outdoors in the winter. As you can see, I did not create this website immediately after having my eczema cleared - which it could’ve returned within 6 months. I just remember I had a severe case of eczema more than a year ago that is now gone and decided to create this website to share the products that work for me to be itch-free for over a year now and counting. I'm also 100% certain my eczema is gone and even if it comes back, I now know how to effectively manage it. 2009 was an eczema-flare free year and 2010 will be a great decade that's itch-free for me!

You do not have to go through my experience of losing hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. I am sharing this with you to show you that I'm a real person who has finally found a solution to my eczema. My story is not your typical "I cured my eczema in 24 hours!" type of story. I am not here to guarantee anything or make overnight promises as your results may vary, but to demonstrate that treatment is a process or trial and error, not an event. Hence, I'm sharing you my story and recommendations.

Believe it or not, I learned so much from that major eczema outbreak of October 2008 to January 2009. Had it not been for the eczema, I would not have gone on a 3-month vegan diet (something which I've rarely done in my life) or have been force to change my meal plan in any way. The dreadful experience actually helps me to appreciate my health more than ever. The most significant lesson here was that I cured myself through my "mindset." Not literally, but I applied the habit of consistency and determination that there's always HOPE and that success is inevitable if you put your energy towards being more solution-focused than problem-oriented. I may have been initially motivated to move out of pain of scratching, but I also had more of a desire towards a for rich well-being, inner peace and growth.




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